Very first time i was with Her it was for about 20 minutes … it was fantastic even if she didn’t even reveal me her feet EVER. She just spoke to me … she looked in the camera with that attractive appearance, she offered me fast views of her fantastic body (in stockings and high heels, by the way).
Although I am totally astonished and “in need” of Financial Domme Cam, just recently i had a couple of opportunities to check out The Countess chat room … in one of those minutes when you feel the requirement to be dominated and … Your Goddess is not around.
She will not ask you things immediately, she won’t require you to serve Her … she will take Her time … she will slowly understand your weaknesses. and she will gradually utilize them to her benefit … with you unable to stop Her.
I will not spend excessive time talking about Her appeal, since that’s kinda obvious to anybody having even just a peek at her profile … what i want to talk about is the method she deals with the session … the way she brings you down gradually and progressively.
She continuously kept me on the edge … with Her exceptionally dangling which shoe never ever falling down … she made if fall down only after 45 minutes. and only to obtain what she wanted (that is, me spending more)… and, i swear, i was almost SCREAMING by the need of being under Her power, under Her control … it was one of the most mind blowing sessions i’ve ever had … and that’s why i required to share it on my journal … because She’s one to be remembered …


The 2nd time, instead, it was longer … more than an hour … and only hearing my spouse entering the room saved me from spending a fortune and doing God understands what under her control.
And even if it was simply a couple of times, i feel the need to talk about Her … due to the fact that i believe she’s extraordinary in more than one method.